Mission: to increase website traffic

Now that my updated, improved and redesigned website is very close to going live, I’m thinking of ways to get more people to have a look at what I can do. I am counting on someone who needs my services and likes my style to wander in and contact me with project specifications.

I’ve had a Facebook profile for many years. I use it to keep up with old friends and co-workers; maintain a flow of communication with my, now adult, children; find new friendship possibilities with like-minded persons; and drop the occasional pearl of wisdom (or perhaps, spot of silliness) on all who are willing to read my posts.

I have a beta version of my redesigned website up already. So with the aid of some nudgings from a LinkIn group that I belong to, called “Illustration Island,” I decided that it was time to break down and design a nice, professional looking graphic to use as a header on a Facebook business page, as well as a sales promo flyer to post there, too. I’ve done it and Adept Graphics can be found right here.

I’m already seeing some improvement in my website traffic and 60% of my visitors are coming from Facebook. This may prove to be a reasonable way to get my business name out there. More on that later…



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