Mission: to increase website traffic

Now that my updated, improved and redesigned website is very close to going live, I’m thinking of ways to get more people to have a look at what I can do. I am counting on someone who needs my services and likes my style to wander in and contact me with project specifications.

I’ve had a Facebook profile for many years. I use it to keep up with old friends and co-workers; maintain a flow of communication with my, now adult, children; find new friendship possibilities with like-minded persons; and drop the occasional pearl of wisdom (or perhaps, spot of silliness) on all who are willing to read my posts.

I have a beta version of my redesigned website up already. So with the aid of some nudgings from a LinkIn group that I belong to, called “Illustration Island,” I decided that it was time to break down and design a nice, professional looking graphic to use as a header on a Facebook business page, as well as a sales promo flyer to post there, too. I’ve done it and Adept Graphics can be found right here.

I’m already seeing some improvement in my website traffic and 60% of my visitors are coming from Facebook. This may prove to be a reasonable way to get my business name out there. More on that later…



Intellectual Property Rights

Who knows what intellectual property rights are? Come on, anyone…

Okay, well to put it simply, when you have an original idea and you put it down on paper, that is your property. Same goes for if you draw a picture or take a photograph, write a poem, book or song – those are the property of the one who created the item. As with all other property it is the owner who decides what to do with that property. Some may give it away for free, trade it for property or services that belong to someone, sell it or even rent it out to someone.

Like I said this is a very simplistic definition of intellectual property rights. I will be writing much more about this in the future. There is a horror story that inspires this topic – I will share that too.

Color Harmony

Did you know that a complimentary color scheme is the most noticeable? A complimentary scheme uses colors that are located across from each other on the color wheel. For example, green and red; blue and orange; and violet and yellow are all complimentary colors using a color wheel that consists of primary and secondary colors.