Commencement Fee - Once we have agreed on our terms and I have the signed contract in hand, I require a project commencement fee that varies depending upon the project and the contract terms that we agree to. It is genrally 25% of the project's estimated contractural cost.


Project Kill Fee - If the project is canceled prior to completion, I will charge for the work that has been done to date and will retain all license to the work.


Payment Plan - If your project is a large one that will span a couple of months or more, I can break up the total contract price minus the commencement fee into equal payments with specific due dates.


Payment Due Date - Generally final payment is due when the project is complete, unless we contracturally agree to some other payment arrangement. Artwork will not be released and contracted licensing will not be granted until final payment is made.


Late Payment Policy - Payment is due upon reciept of the invoice. You will have up to 30 days from the date of the invoice to pay the bill on time without penalty. I do not extend credit and I charge a 2% per month penalty on accounts that I have not received payment on within 30 days of the billing date (that's the date that I send out the bill, it is always noted on the bill). It is the client's responsibility to provide a current address so that his/her bills are received promptly. 


Frequent return clients - If you are an established customer with an excellent payment history with me, I will be more lenient with my payment terms.


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