I am a formally trained graphic artist and received my degree in 1998 as an adult student who returned to college after 18 years. I was an honor student and am an alumni member of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Phi Theta chapter.


After I graduated I started freelancing as a technical illustrator for Keller Crescent Company and Grey Loon Marketing Group. Later I was commissioned to do a series of presentation (illustrations) boards for Whirlpool Corporation. My work also includes graphic design and illustration work for my local school corporation and some pro bono Internet work for a local church.


In recent years, I have provided artwork for the Evansville Courier and Press and various local small businesses.


I am very familiar with working over the Internet and dealing with issues that can occur using that medium. If you need help with file formats, uploading, downloading and other issues, I can help.


I live in Evansville, Indiana where the cost of living is much less than in bigger cities. I believe that I can offer you a very competitive price and still make a reasonable living at my craft.  I am positive that it is entirely possible to succeed at this endeavor but only time will tell...


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Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


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